It is more cost-effective to use an online application maker for Android and iOS

Why is it more economical to use an online application maker for Android and iOS?

If you are the owner or manager of a company or small business, you may have thought about building a mobile application, and you have probably wondered how much it costs. Well, this question is very general and should be asked more precisely.

This question is like asking how much it costs to buy a house. Well, it totally depends on the size of the house, neighborhood, number of rooms, year of construction, amenities, and more. The mobile application is the same. You may need a simple mobile application that does not have other facilities except for a number of forms to receive customer information.

Or you need an application that has various and complex features, collects a lot of information from the user, and provides various services. The way the application is made also affects its price. Do you make the application yourself? Or do you use specialized human resources for this work? Or do you use other methods such as "outsourcing" or "Android and iOS online application maker"?

As a result, according to the various variables mentioned in terms of features and construction methods, the price of the applications will be very different from each other.

The cost of building a mobile application

The cost of creating a mobile application for small and medium-sized companies and businesses is usually around 1 to 30 million Tomans, which depends on its features and facilities. Of course, you may find a company or person who can do it for less. But in general, mobile application development companies receive significant amounts.

Of course, with the advancement of technology, the cost of creating a mobile application also decreases. However, the cost of making an application through hiring specialized human resources or outsourcing is still more than several million Tomans, and it is difficult for some small companies to pay this amount. The cost of creating a mobile application using "Android and iOS online application maker" is more affordable than other methods.

Outsourcing and costs of each stage of application development

Many companies think of hiring expert human resources at the very beginning to build the application. Although it is good that one person is present in your company full-time and works exclusively on your application project, but in the end, considering the time and volume of work, the cost and problems of this method are more than the "outsourcing" method. Is.

Therefore, many companies prefer to find a mobile application development company that is well-established and efficient and entrust their project to him. Of course, this mode may slightly reduce their control over the project compared to the method of hiring human resources. But surely the project that they finally deliver will be of higher quality.

However, the fee that the mobile application development companies receive is for performing these steps:

Graphic Design
Design features and facilities
Creating infrastructure
Application management
Control and evaluation

Therefore, according to the cost of each of these steps, the proposed price of making the application may be higher than your initial estimate. In that case, you might conclude that you don't need the app right now! But it is not easy to ignore the mobile application and its many features.

Features such as "notification" for effective interaction with the audience, or "location finder" to find customers who are near you will greatly help the growth and development of your business. In addition, using the application, customers can contact you more easily, and receive your goods and services more effectively.

Using Android and iOS online application maker

As we said, the advancement of technology reduces costs. Therefore, the right option for small companies is to cooperate with companies that provide "application builder" service. Just as "site builder" services are available for building websites, "Android and iOS application builder" services have also been created for building applications, which can be achieved by paying less money for a complete set of tools and templates for building applications.

Using an online application maker has many advantages compared to hiring expert human resources. For example, you don't need to pay more than 2 million Tomans monthly; You can have complete control over your application development project; And get access to a variety of tools, features, and templates.

Now, the question may arise, how companies like Appchar charge less for app development? And why is it more cost-effective to use an online application maker for Android and iOS? The reason is that in the application builder, everything is built using the infrastructure that has already been created.

A set of pre-made non-specific graphic templates are available and can be used to build the application. Also, there is a standard platform for building the application that is provided to the customer. The cost of maintenance and support of this platform is covered by the subscription fee that customers pay. In this way, you can use the online application builder to personalize the app and create the settings you want.

In short, companies like App Char They see no reason to reinvent the wheel. Most small business applications have similar features and functions. Therefore, a standard platform and infrastructure has been prepared that has already done the main work, and everyone can build the application they need through it at low cost.

Now that you know about the cost, features, advantages and disadvantages of various methods of making an application, you can make a better decision. It is true that some companies spend millions of dollars to develop an application, but they either have a large workload and a wide range of activities, or the mobile application plays a central role in their business.

Also, note that having a good application with many features alone is not considered a success factor. Besides that, you will definitely need advertising and marketing and ASO, which is app store optimization.

Smaller companies can use "Android and iOS online application maker", which has lower cost and many features. By building an application in this way, you can have a good interaction with your customers and take advantage of all the features of the mobile application.

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