Barcode reader plugin

The barcode reader plugin helps your users to view the product information by scanning the product barcode and make a faster purchase.
This plugin is suitable for those who have a physical store in addition to their online store or supermarket products that are ordered continuously and users can speed up the process of finding the product by scanning the barcode.

How to activate the barcode reader plugin:

To activate Adequate barcode reader plugin First, buy the plugin license. Then go to Appchar plugins and activate the purchased license.Barcode reader plugin

Very important point: Considering that camera access is required for the barcode reader, be sure to update the application file first after activating the plugin. In the new version, camera access is received from users. This plugin is one of our few plugins that after activation, the application must be updated (due to coordination with market rules).

If there is no update, you will see a message like the image below.

How to define barcodes in products:

First, go to the products you want. Then, from the product details section, inventory list (warehouse), put the barcode numbers in the product ID section.


Display in the application:

If the product you want is available in the application:


If the product you want is not available in the application:

Important note:

Note that this plugin is suitable for simple products. It can also be used if the products are variable but only its public ID is filled. But if you have defined a different identifier for each variable, the application will not be able to identify it correctly.

Barcode reader plugin

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