Approval and suspension of users by the administrator

You may have a business that you don't want to offer your services publicly. And require that verified users only have the ability to purchase. Plugin for confirmation and suspension of users by the administrator It was created for this reason. Businesses can use this plugin in addition to the plugin force login to use

How to activate the user confirmation and suspension plugin by the administrator:

For this, you must first license the plugin from Appchar site buy it After buying the license, go to your site and activate the desired plugin.

Approval and suspension of users

After activating the plugin license in the application, you must download the plugin from the WordPress repository  wp approve usr Download and install

After activating this plugin, you should go to the WordPress settings in the general section, and check the option Everyone can register.

With this action, only WordPress sites (blogs) can use this issue. Considering that the users of this plugin are the users of WooCommerce sites, a plugin has been prepared by the Appchar team, which you should receive from the Appchar support on Telegram or WhatsApp at 09130846260. Or register a ticket in Appchar system.

After that plugin is installed. The user confirmation and suspension plugin is activated on the site and application.

How to display the user confirmation and suspension plugin on the site:

Before registering:

After registration:

Display the plugin in the application:

After users register on the site or application, in their WordPress panel, the number of new users will be displayed in the users section, and they will also be marked in the list of users with a creamy background. Under the user name of each person, there is a section to confirm the user.


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