Professional shopping cart settings

One of our most complete plugins, the plugin Advanced shopping cart is. This plugin provides various services to users. Such as the addition of the add to cart button in the list of products (three different methods), text variables, products with sales based on weight, different order steps, etc. Each of these settings will be explained in order and the features will be fully described.

How to activate the professional Khid basket plugin:

After purchasing the plugin license, copy the license from your account dashboard. Then go to your site and activate the professional shopping cart license in the Appchar plugins section. By activating the license in the section Apchar plugin settings, the initial settings of the professional shopping cart are activated.

Basic settings of the professional shopping cart:

Advanced shopping cart

1- cart button type:

In this section, there are three different display models of the add to cart button, which you can choose according to the type of product and your taste.

In the pictures below, three different states will be displayed.

2- It is not a special option and it will be deleted.

3- It is related to the purchase plugin based on weight. If that plugin is active, this part must be ticked so that the products work without problems.

4- This item will be removed soon.

5- When a product does not have a price, instead of adding to the basket text, we can put a specific text, such as a contact number, etc.

show simple mode:

Advanced shopping cart

Show toggle mode:

Show keyboard mode:

Weighted products:

To use these products, you need to install the corresponding plugin (to receive the plugin in Telegram, send a message to Mrs. Esmaili at 09130846260). Please note that this plugin has various features and we only cover the selling part based on weight.

After installing the plugin, we first specify the weight unit from the WooCommerce configuration section. Then we go to the product definition section.

When defining the product, we can define the weighted product in two ways.

Note: Note that we support simple products and variable products with variables that do not affect the price.

1- Products based on weight quantity based
This mode is temporarily unavailable due to problems and will be announced after implementation, and the second model of weight products can only be implemented.

Just like a normal product, you enter the information. The price you enter. The price is one unit of the product. For example, if your weight is in kilograms, the price is one kilogram. For example, we defined a product with a base price of 15,000 Tomans.


Then we go to the size calculation part. According to the picture, choose the weight and make the settings.

Now, any product defined in this way can be purchased in the application as follows.

2- Products based on weight user defined 

In this case, you, as an administrator, define certain weights and the customer has to choose these limited weights. In this regard, see the following image. All the settings are as above, the last two are different as shown in the photo.

When purchasing in the application, it is as follows.


Note: Weight can be used in simple and keyboard mode.

Ordering steps in the professional shopping cart:

You may have products for sale that you don't want to sell individually and you want the products to be sold in threes, gins, etc., and the number will increase accordingly. For this, it is enough to refer to the product details page and change the number of order steps from the designated section.

Note: The order step is in toggle and keyboard mode.

Text field in the product:

In order to have text fields in the product (on the site and application), you must first add the custom products addons  activate it on the website. This plugin creates a new section in products called custom proucts addons, and you must create the feature you want.

Note: This plugin has many features, but we only support the text field.

Note: Before using this plugin, you must activate this feature in AppChar settings. And if you ever want to stop using this feature, disable it before disabling the plugin.

You can create a new form by clicking the add new form button. In the new form, click the text field button and click the edit field button to make the necessary settings.

In the image below, a form with three text fields was placed.


Then click and edit each text field.

After creating the forms, you should refer to the desired product. In the product information section, you can see the custom products addons option. By clicking on it, all the created forms will be displayed and you can click on the form you want.

Display the text field form on the site:

Display the text field form in the application:


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