WordPress site builder: a fast technique for building websites and stores

If you have decided to use AppcharOnline application builder) have a store application or a WordPress application for yourself and you have not yet designed a WordPress site, be sure to read this article to the end.

In this article, we will introduce one of the best methods for building a website, having a website is the most important thing for building an internet business, you probably follow different goals for building a website, setting up a website for a company that is operating in It is a traditional space and using it as an online catalog that is always available, building a personal website, building an online store to earn money or launching urban service startups, an important foundation of which is to launch a website, so to enter the Internet Whatever your goals, website building is the zero step of starting an online business.

As you know, in the past, we had to go through a lot of trouble to build a site, but today, despite the services website builder In Iran, this problem has been solved in the best possible way, you can set up your own website or online store with the services of a site builder for less than 1 million Tomans.

 With Telegram and Instagram active, what is the need for a site?

In front of people who resist building a website, it should be said: You can make money with social networks, but you cannot build a successful long-term business, so to build a successful internet business, you must have a good website that provides site services. The maker and the shop will do this for you quickly and with quality.

Reasons for prioritizing website construction over social networks:

  1. Online catalog always available

  2. Ability to buy online and connect to banking portals

  3. The possibility of full monitoring of user behavior by analysis tools

  4. The possibility of official trust building unlike social networks

  5. The website in digital marketing is one of our owned media or tools

  6. Inability to filter like Telegram or Instagram

  7. People search for the things they need on Google, not on Instagram or Telegram

  8. To have a position in Google

  9. Having a share of internet sales and transactions

  10. The website is completely under your control, but not a social network

In the following, we will introduce C5 WordPress site builder:

The process of building a website and online store with C Five :

Building a website is usually a time-consuming and costly task, but C-Five does all that is required to build a website automatically in less than 59 seconds.

  1. Enter the address see5.ir become

  2. Choose a template from more than 90 samples of ready-made packages

  3. Entering personal information and pressing the button to build the site

  4. Congratulations, your website has been created

  5. Enter the management panel and prepare your site with training videos

 Why does C5 WordPress site builder use WordPress?

One of the best features of C5 is the use of the most popular, flexible and powerful cms in the world, namely WordPress, C5 creates a stylish and fast website for you by using the safe and fast optimized WordPress. A website that not only you will not have any worries about its development, but with the help of C5, almost any possibility you need can be implemented.

C5 WordPress site builder It is not a networked WordPress website, but a completely independent WordPress site with an independent host.

SEO experts recommend that you build your site with WordPress due to the high SEO friendliness of WordPress. Some may say that WordPress is heavy or not safe. In their answer, it should be said that if the speed and security of WordPress are low, then why are there more than 30% sites in the world with WordPress? built ? How big brands such as Mercedes-Benz, NASA blog, Yahoo blog, Sweden's official website, New York Times, Bloomberg news website, Fortune magazine, Walt Disney Company, Mozilla Company, Facebook newsroom, PlayStation, BBC , Google investment company built their site with WordPress?!

It is interesting to know that most of the Iranian site builders have built their blogs with WordPress, so building a site with WordPress is a special advantage for your website's SEO.

WordPress site builder

Technical features of C5 WordPress site builder:

  1. A simple, fast, cheap and affordable method

  2. Building a secure and optimized WordPress site

  3. Having a high-quality and powerful host

  4. Grade A and B GT Matrix for special packages

  5. Building a website with the most complete facilities

  6. The possibility of creating unlimited pages and menus

  7. Simple and instant page builder without the need for technical knowledge

  8. SEO checklist including 11 main tasks for internal SEO

  9. Independent hosting and completely independent website

  10. No restrictions on the development of website facilities

  11. Periodic backup system

  12. Google is a great friend with visibility in search results

  13. The variety of more than 90 examples of the best templates in the world in C5

  14. Host sizes are 1 to 3 gigs and monthly traffic is 30 gigs

  15. Free IR domain

  16. The possibility of offering an Android application store similar to DigiKala 

Support features of C5 site builder

  1. History and support of major national brands (Pegah, Mehr News Agency, Iran Khodro, Shahrday, Astan Quds, Khazar Naft Petrochemical, Test Household Appliances, Khorasan Newspaper, Last News and dozens of major brands at the national level)

  2. Integrated template, website, plugin and hosting support

  3. Periodic technical checkup of websites and fixing possible problems

  4. Activating the ssl security certificate

  5. The possibility of entrusting the content of the website by the Sea Five team

  6. Video training of website management panel

  7. Digital marketing consulting and increasing traffic and sales

  8. 7 days free trial


Why should we have a beautiful website?

A company needs a good website to introduce its goods and services as an online catalog that is always available, a catalog that beautifully displays the company's services and products. and on the other hand, your product information will always be available to them. Or you may want to start the second branch of your business online, the second branch that has virtual customers, the capital and cost you need to start the second branch, i.e. the online store, is very small.

Is it possible to trust C5 WordPress site builder?

In order to know how many men of Halaj each collection or brand has, we must check their portfolio and activity portfolio. Sea Five WordPress website builder currently supports large companies and brands nationwide, so if you are looking for a WordPress website builder service that Produced by a reliable and experienced company and has good support, C5 is the best option.

C5 WordPress site builder supports the websites of large companies and organizations such as Iran Pegah Milk Industry Company with more than 27 factories and sub-groups, Iran Khodro Company, Mehr News Agency, Astan Quds Razavi, Mashhad Municipality, Chamber of Commerce, Mashhad City Council, The Relief Committee, Khorasan Razavi Governorate, is also in charge of the National Environment Fund. So there is no need to worry, C5 customers are a multiple of a thousand.

Create your website or online store right now with C5.


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