Full introduction of Android and IOS application maker Apchar

Full introduction of Android and IOS application maker Apchar

With Apchar's Android and iOS application builder, you can create your own application (store application, WooCommerce application) for Android or iOS for your WordPress or WooCommerce site without programming knowledge (and related headaches) in a few minutes.

Appchar Android and iOS application maker is a new and exceptional way to introduce your products and services. Create an online store or online catalog that can be installed on smartphones and tablets in the shortest time without the need for programming and with minimal cost and with just a few clicks.

You can introduce your products by using the Appchar Android and IOS application maker of the catalog and if you use the Appchar store Android and Ios application maker, in addition to introducing your products, you can also sell them.

Today, with the increasing number of users of smart phones and tablets all over the world and especially in Iran, the world of information technology has undergone a transformation and has changed the path of businesses related to the field of information technology and the Internet.

According to the report of Flary Company (active in the field of analysis and advertising of mobile applications), the use of smartphone applications has grown by 76% in 2014, and shopping and store applications are at the top of this list.

According to official domestic statistics, the number of smart mobile phones in Iran increased from 2 million in 1992 to 20 million in 1993, and this number will reach 40 million by the end of 1994. According to these statistics, more than 60 percent of these people use different apps, including store apps.

In this way and based on the opinion of experts in the internet business environment, just having a web store or a website is not enough and having a store app is mandatory. For this purpose, Appchar Android and iOS application maker recommends:

If you are interested in online sales, you can use Appchar store application by designing a store application.

The important thing about this product is that if you have a website or online store, by connecting the app store to your website, whenever you update your website, your store app will also be updated intelligently. will be

Features and benefits of app maker for android and ios Apchar:

Turn smartphones into your showcase.

You can display your products using high-quality and high-resolution images.

No need for additional settings

Your desired program uses the payment gateway of your website and there is no need to change or add other settings.

No coding required

You don't need to be an expert in programming to be able to create your store app. A store name and some basic information are all you need. After entering this information, we will create your schedule in a day!

With the ability to run on Android and iOS

You can get your app on both Android and iOS platforms to get more customers for your store.

Fast, local and simple

This app will work on any platform or device and is really fast and functional.

Equipped with Google and Flurry statistical and analytical systems

By activating the statistical systems of Google and Flurry, you can get valuable evaluation and analysis statistics of the feedback of your program and find the influential and important parts.

Advanced search system

If your customers are looking for a specific product, they can find that product and add it to their cart using the powerful search and sorting system. By activating the search system, you can improve the usability of your application and get the best possible result from your customers.

social connection

Visitors to your app can directly communicate with sellers or store managers through phone calls, text messages or e-mails and give them their opinions or get more information about your products.


By activating this feature, you allow your customers to share your products in their circle of acquaintances and actually help promote your products quickly and effectively. This feature will help you become known faster and also attract new customers.

Favorite products

Your customers can make a list of their favorite products using this feature.

Does building a WordPress application make you look professional?

How to make an application?

Choose the application you want

Choose the one you want and need from among the several applications that are available in Appchar's Android and iOS application maker.

Install the plugin on your website

If you have a WordPress or e-commerce site and you want this application for your site, you must first install Appcharo's Android and iOS app builder plugin on your site.

Enter the information and specifications of your application

Customize your application; For example, choose the color of your application and its icon and enter its name

It's over, you can pick it up!

It takes about 5 minutes to make, and then you can download it and install it on your phone and enjoy it.

And finally, you can use the application for 7 days by creating a free Android and iOS store application.

What applications can you make with Apchar (online application maker):
WooCommerce application for Android
WooCommerce application for ios
Store application for Android and iOS

Store ios application modules and store android application

1. Sharing 2. Introducing link to friends 3. Determining the time of receiving the order by the store 4. Login via SMS 5. Determining the time of sending the order by the store 6. Page builder 7. Blog 8. Lottery 9. Advanced notification 10. Blog 11. Mandatory login 12. Catalog mode 13. Professional shopping cart

14. Google Analytics 15. Add a map to the order 16. Free download 17. Expiration date of the product sale 18. Seller address 19. Multi-lingual application 20. Notification history 21. Custom products tab 22. Edit registration fields 23. Edit checkout fields 24. Scheduling store working hours 25. Amazing offer 26. Wallet

Is it necessary to have a WooCommerce application?

Briefly, we would like to introduce one of Appchar's very successful Android and iOS app builder clients:

Mazbar Which is the online finger food ordering business using The following plugins It has been very successful:

Advanced shopping cart
Share the referral link to friends
Checkout Fields Editor
Determining when the order will be sent by the store

Apchar Android and iOS application maker

You have many personalization tools and options in Apchar Android and iOS app maker, and managing them is very simple and easy. Design your store application in any way you like. Easy navigation and simple and attractive UI design are features that make your store application more beautiful.

Unlimited Notification

Sending messages gives your app a "sound". You can send your customers the latest updates, offers and discounts and even notify them of upcoming discounts. This feature increases customer usage of your app by 65%.

Manage your schedule effortlessly.

Appchar management section can help you significantly in managing the store application. You can manage everything in this section; From the name and logo of the program to changing the price and showing new products.

No coding required

You don't need to know anything about programming! Submit your app and publish it on the App Store and Play Store so that your customers can easily download it. You can do all these things without needing to write a single line of code, through Appchar Android and iOS app maker.

Automatic update

Mobile phone apps, unlike desktop apps, allow you to know the status of your customers and orders at all hours of the day. You can now make the latest notifications instantly.

In-app link

In-app links are necessary for any app that has multiple pages, sections, or products, and can increase the app's effectiveness. If you use the in-app link, your customer can go directly to the desired product page without opening the main page of the app and browsing between products.

Running on two operating systems

It doesn't matter if your customers use Android or iOS devices. They can use your app in any case, and you can increase your sales and success rate by offering your store app on two popular operating systems.

Faster than ever

In addition to the easy access of the program and using the advanced settings of the cache system, we will make sure that the amount of loading and the use of the bandwidth of the devices is as low as possible so that shopping from your virtual store is faster than ever!

Call, SMS and email

Your app visitors can directly contact your sellers or store managers and get more information about the products.

Your app can be the center of attention with classified products.

Favorite products

Your customers can make a list of their favorite products using this feature.


The shopping experience from your store becomes enjoyable and easy for customers when you have divided your products into different sections.

Favorite products

Your customers can make a list of their favorite products using this feature.

Advanced search system

If your customer is looking for a specific product, he can easily find the desired product using the powerful and advanced search system.

Zoom images

Now you can provide your customers with the best display of products with the zoom feature in the images.


Display multiple images of each product and place them in the corresponding section of your store app, which was developed by Appchar Android and iOS developer.

Endless scroll

Customers can see all your products without any extra effort and scroll the page as far as they want.


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