A clean day

Manufacturer of organic and natural products

Also training for a healthier life with all videos and educational articles

Providing healthy and natural products (more than 60 products)

Rosi Pak collection for more than 14 years, which produces healthy and natural products

From cotton clothes with natural color to healthy and environmentally friendly detergents to all kinds of chocolates, shavings and biscuits without white sugar and dozens of other diverse and healthy products.

We also provide various trainings in the field of healthy lifestyle based on the research of our research team, which includes several doctors of holistic medicine and complementary medicine.

Part of the educational resources of the books

  • The book of honey therapy written by Jamshid Khodadadi
  • The book 15 days to health written by Jamshid Khodadadi
  • The book on curing diseases written by Zahra Danesh


Plugins used

Login with Sms

By using this plugin, the process of registering and entering users in the application and website is changed, and it is sent with a mobile number and entering a 4-digit code.

introduction code to friends

With the help of this plugin, it is possible to announce the app's introduction code to friends through social networks and receive wallet charges in case of registration and purchase of friends.


If you have a blog in your store in addition to selling goods and services, you can add it to the application menu and front page through this plugin and have a more complete app.

blog page builder

If you are using the Blog Drop Application plugin, you can create beautiful and more suitable posts for the application through the elements of this page builder.

Advanced Notification

Send notifications with pictures and links. When you click on linked notifications, the linked product or article will open.

Notification history

Using this feature, you can display the list of notifications that you send to each user so that the user does not miss any of your messages.

force login

Using this plugin, after loading the splash page, before viewing the products and the first page of the application, ask the user to register or log in to the account.

Professional shopping cart

With this plugin, customers can add them to their shopping cart on the same product list page without entering the product page. Read the rest of the services in the tutorials.

Amazing offer

Using this plugin, you can make your products amazing and display them on the first page of the application in a distinctive way with a 24-hour timer.


You can add a professional wallet to your website and app using the wallet plugin. This plugin also has the ability to score points per product purchase.

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A clean day

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