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our services:

  • Telegram fake and real member
  • Fake and real Instagram followers
  • Creating and managing advertising campaigns for customers (soon to be added to the app)
  • Cooperation with large and small media to attract advertisements (soon to be added to the app)
  • And thousands of other services that will be added in future versions

Addition of wallet: Recharge your wallet and receive gift credit from us every time you recharge it!

Recommend, earn money: Recommend the membership application to your friends, if your friend registers with your reference code, every time your friend purchases from the membership, you and your friend will receive a gift wallet credit.

The ability to transfer wallet credit to a bank account: whenever you want, you can transfer the credit in your wallet to your bank account!

So, by introducing the membership application to your friends, earn money and build your own life and make your friends rich!

Plugins used

introduction code to friends

With the help of this plugin, it is possible to announce the app's introduction code to friends through social networks and receive wallet charges in case of registration and purchase of friends.

Notification history

Using this feature, you can display the list of notifications that you send to each user so that the user does not miss any of your messages.

Professional shopping cart

With this plugin, customers can add them to their shopping cart on the same product list page without entering the product page. Read the rest of the services in the tutorials.

Edit settlement fields

You can delete any of the WooCommerce checkout form fields to your liking or change the title and type of the fields.


You can add a professional wallet to your website and app using the wallet plugin. This plugin also has the ability to score points per product purchase.

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an uncle

Subhan Amoi Noushri

The main doctor
The main doctor

Islamic medicine, Digi Doctor

The first comprehensive base of Islamic medicine

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