SVG Store

Selling at wholesale price

Selling car spare parts

wholesale and retail

With an up-to-date and exceptional price and inventory

The official representative of Azam Khodro Parts Group, Sayidek, Bosch Bearing (IBBC), Omid Fener, Armco Radiator, Sokh Ama, Teklan, Marpich Bakhtar (MBC) and selling SVG brand parts.

Plugins used

Login with Sms

By using this plugin, the process of registering and entering users in the application and website is changed, and it is sent with a mobile number and entering a 4-digit code.


If you have a blog in your store in addition to selling goods and services, you can add it to the application menu and front page through this plugin and have a more complete app.

Add video to products

Add a video in addition to the product photo. Watch product instruction videos or introductions in the app itself.

Add video to post

With this plugin, add the video related to the article from anywhere (your website or other sites) to the article and view it in the application itself.

Advanced Notification

Send notifications with pictures and links. When you click on linked notifications, the linked product or article will open.

Notification history

Using this feature, you can display the list of notifications that you send to each user so that the user does not miss any of your messages.

force login

Using this plugin, after loading the splash page, before viewing the products and the first page of the application, ask the user to register or log in to the account.

Professional shopping cart

With this plugin, customers can add them to their shopping cart on the same product list page without entering the product page. Read the rest of the services in the tutorials.

Application showcase
Original mockups

Mohammad Reza Khakpour

original special
original special

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