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Bai Mi Store application - a specialized store for Xiaomi products, along with the latest news, training, reviews, and... the store Bye May It was established in 2015 as the most up-to-date specialized reference for the sale of Xiaomi products along with the most diverse accessories, which has always been active in the news and educational sectors in addition to sales, to always be with Xiaomi fans. Team Bye May It is proud to always answer the problems and questions of its users and customers in the shortest possible time and has been proud of its constant support. ✓ Easy, smart and reliable shopping experience ✓ Reasonable prices with special offers

✓ One week deadline for testing and returning goods

✓ Product authenticity guarantee and money back guarantee

✓ Ability to view user reviews, specifications and comments

✓ Choose and buy anytime and anywhere

✓ 24/7 shopping advice even on holidays on social networks

Plugins used


If you have a blog in your store in addition to selling goods and services, you can add it to the application menu and front page through this plugin and have a more complete app.

blog page builder

If you are using the Blog Drop Application plugin, you can create beautiful and more suitable posts for the application through the elements of this page builder.

Advanced Notification

Send notifications with pictures and links. When you click on linked notifications, the linked product or article will open.

Amazing offer

Using this plugin, you can make your products amazing and display them on the first page of the application in a distinctive way with a 24-hour timer.

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