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Manatile tile and ceramic market application is a virtual store for wholesale distribution of ceramic tiles in different sizes and materials, which includes all related brands, companies and factories, and in addition to the products, the goods and services needed by its colleagues across the country in Special services of Manatile application:

Manatile is going to consider special services for customers, which will be provided to you depending on the type of points you received, which depends on the amount of your purchase and the way you purchase.

I hope you will use these services and increase your score in Manatile to get more professional services.

Plugins used

Login with Sms

By using this plugin, the process of registering and entering users in the application and website is changed, and it is sent with a mobile number and entering a 4-digit code.

force login

Using this plugin, after loading the splash page, before viewing the products and the first page of the application, ask the user to register or log in to the account.

Professional shopping cart

With this plugin, customers can add them to their shopping cart on the same product list page without entering the product page. Read the rest of the services in the tutorials.

Application showcase

Hadi Ahmadi

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Salmin App


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