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Nanosun Science and Technology Trading Group is the exclusive representative of Global Prefer Germany in the Middle East and Central Asia. 
To familiarize yourself with the products of Nanosan, a catalog has been installed, by installing which you can familiarize yourself with the products, and the marketers of the company can also have a suitable presentation of the company's products.

Plugins used


If you have a blog in your store in addition to selling goods and services, you can add it to the application menu and front page through this plugin and have a more complete app.

blog page builder

If you are using the Blog Drop Application plugin, you can create beautiful and more suitable posts for the application through the elements of this page builder.

Add video to products

Add a video in addition to the product photo. Watch product instruction videos or introductions in the app itself.

Add video to post

With this plugin, add the video related to the article from anywhere (your website or other sites) to the article and view it in the application itself.

Advanced Notification

Send notifications with pictures and links. When you click on linked notifications, the linked product or article will open.

force login

Using this plugin, after loading the splash page, before viewing the products and the first page of the application, ask the user to register or log in to the account.

Catalog mode

With one click, convert a store application into a catalog and stop the possibility of selling products and hide the shopping cart and price in the application.

Custom Products tab

By using this feature, you can add as many custom tabs for each product as you like and provide the user with more information about each product in your store.

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