Zodshur online laundry

Application of laundry services online. Through this application, you can do all your laundry services online without paying additional fees (even the cost of transportation). Also, benefit from our periodic discounts and gifts!!!

After registering the request through the application or the zoodshoor.com website, our colleagues will contact you to coordinate the delivery of your clothes and after coordinating the collection time, they will come to your place with machines specially equipped for laundry services and your clothes and after washing or steam ironing and making the necessary arrangements, they return to deliver your clothes.

Currently, these services are provided only for areas of Tehran.

Plugins used

introduction code to friends

With the help of this plugin, it is possible to announce the app's introduction code to friends through social networks and receive wallet charges in case of registration and purchase of friends.

Order receiving time

By using this plugin, we can receive the day and time when the customer wants to deliver the goods when placing an order. Suitable for businesses such as laundry and...

Delivery Time Slot

By using this plugin, we can receive the day and time that the customer wants to receive the order when placing an order. It is suitable for local businesses.

Professional shopping cart

With this plugin, customers can add them to their shopping cart on the same product list page without entering the product page. Read the rest of the services in the tutorials.

checkout locations

Using this feature, the customer can choose his address from the map when placing an order, and you will see the link to the user's location in the customer's order.

Edit registration fields

Edit the registration fields to your liking (you can change the title of the fields and the type of fields, except for email and password)

Edit settlement fields

You can delete any of the WooCommerce checkout form fields to your liking or change the title and type of the fields.


You can add a professional wallet to your website and app using the wallet plugin. This plugin also has the ability to score points per product purchase.

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