Dear user, please carefully consider the following points for optimal use of the services and applications of Appchar application maker.
Users entering the Appchar website while using the services provided by the Appchar application maker means being aware of and accepting the terms and rules, as well as how to use the services and services of Appchar. Note that placing an order at any time means that the user fully accepts all the terms and conditions of Appchar.
It should be noted that the conditions and rules listed are considered to replace all previous agreements.

General rules

If you disagree with the following agreement, do not use our site. Apchar application maker provides its service to you under the terms and conditions of this agreement, and the rules mentioned in this agreement may be changed by us from time to time. You can review the latest provisions of this agreement at any time to learn about the rules and regulations at this address:
This agreement includes all the agreements and regulations between users and Appchar application maker. By going through the registration process, you agree to the terms of this agreement.

Free test

In Appchar application maker, you can create your Android applications online and buy your application after 7 days of free trial. For ios versions, you can see the samples and the application will be delivered to you according to the sample provided after payment. In case of a problem, inform us about the problem by calling our contact number or through a ticket

Dispute Resolution

In cases where the buyer of the application and the owner of the domain license on which the application is activated are not the same, and there is a dispute between the two, Appchar will give the right to the owner of the domain license. In such a situation, the owner of the domain privilege must prove his identity as the owner of the domain by providing identification documents.


By purchasing the permanent Opchar plan, you will have one year of free support, including the system for registering postal requests, fixing bugs and receiving new updates, and at the end of the first year, you can extend your support for another year by paying the support renewal fee. do it

Extension of support in permanent plans is not mandatory and only if support services are needed, the cost of extension of support should be paid.

Note: Permanent plans have been removed from Opchar's pricing since the beginning of June 1400, and permanent services are provided only to previous customers.

In case of purchase of long-term plans, the support service will be active until the expiration of the purchased long-term plan, and at the end of the expiration period, both the support and the application will be stopped.
In long-term plans, if you need to use the app and its support services after the expiration of the term plan, the plan renewal fee must be paid.


The cost of using the products and support services of the app maker Appchar can be changed over time and the app maker Appchar is not responsible for informing the new prices to the previous customers. You can refer to the prices page at this address to know the prices at any time:

Sign applications

Normally, there is no trace of appchar inside the application. Only in the package_name of the applications, the word appchar is included, and changing this signature with a customer's signature requires paying a fee.
Example :
WooCommerce app signature:

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