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Frequently Asked Questions

On our site, you can create an application for your WooCommerce store website. Additional plugins are also provided for these types of applications. If you have an application that you want to publish in the story, we can help you. 

To build an app on Apple, you must have a website. The website must be created with WordPress and WooCommerce. If you don't have a website, we can design it for you. To know the cost of website design, contact us Call.

You can create an Android application and test it for a month. There are no restrictions on building test apps for each domain.

You do not need technical knowledge and coding to build the application. All you have to do is make the settings according to the instructions and have a professional application.

To create an application, just click the button to create the application. On the page that opens, select the colour you want. In the next step, download and install the Apchar plugin. Enter the site address and go to the next step. In this step, you must enter its application information such as logo, icon and ... Then the next step is the order summary. By clicking the free registration button, the application will be created and ready to download in a few minutes. All you have to do is apply the design and settings you want through the plugin installed on your site.

Apchar applications are reliable and can be easily published in reputable stores. You can publish your Android versions on Cafe Bazaar, Myket, Google Play, etc. Also publish the IOS app in Anardoni, Sibapp. We have a special way to publish the IOS app in the App Store if needed Call.

Every application you get in Appchar is annual and must be renewed every year. For the add-ons you provide, the license is permanent and there is no need to pay annually. The costs of each item are according to department prices Prices And Plugins is.

An application with many installations will not have any problems, and you can use it easily.

Appchar does not have access to your site information, and the connection between the application and the site is with a dedicated and secure token. Only the basic information of making an application, such as logo, icon and ... used during the making of the application, is on our site, and we have access to it.

Application codes are available to Appchar and are not given to users in any way. Users receive the Appchar site's items: the Appchar extension file, the Android APK file and IPA for iOS.

If you need customization, talk to our team. If approved by the technical team, you will be notified of the cost, and it will be executed according to the schedule.

Apchar's name is not anywhere in the application, but the Nim package and the signature of the applications are called Apchar. If you need a half package and exclusive signature, you can contact us Call.

Appchar app builder supports you via online chat, telegram, WhatsApp, call and ticket. Our experts are accountable during office hours.
Note that depending on the workload and work priority, technical items have more response time.

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